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In these conditions 'the seller' means Burtons Vehicle Systems Limited or other Seller of the goods described in this catalogue.

1. ACCEPTANCE: All orders accepted by the Seller will be subject to these conditions of sale. If the Buyer issues his own purchase order containing condition of purchase these conditions of sale shall be deemed to be incorporated in such purchase order and shall override any conflicting provision of the purchase order.

2. PRICE: All prices are EX-WORKS and EX-VAT. Maintenance of prices is not guaranteed and they are subject to alteration without notice. Orders may be subject to a minimum order charge.

3. TERMS OF PAYMENT: Prices are strictly nett and payment is due within 30 days of invoice date, when the full invoice value becomes due. No set-off for any reason will be allowed. If payment is not received on the due date the Seller shall be entitled to interest on any outstanding balance at the rate of 2% above the minimum lending rate of National Westminster Bank Plc for the time being.

4. OWNERSHIP OF GOODS: Ownership of goods sold shall, not withstanding delivery, remain with the Seller until the Seller has received full payment for such goods. Until full payment has been made, the Seller may at any time (and without prejudice to any of its other rights) recover or resell the goods or any part of them and may enter on the Buyers premises for this purpose. The Buyer may not resell the goods to which the Seller retains title unless he informs his Buyer of this condition of sale prior to such resale.

5. DELIVERY: Any delivery time stated by the Seller is an estimate only and shall not be considered a contractual obligation. The Seller shall not be responsible for any loss or damage sustained by the Buyer due to the Seller's inability to maintain the delivery times so stated. The goods will be at the Buyer's risk when delivered to the Buyer. The Seller's obligation to deliver goods is subject to circumstances beyond the Seller's control such as (but not limited to) strikes, floods, fires, machine breakdown or any other condition of force majeure.

6. SPECIFICATIONS: Technical data, dimensions, weights, etc., given, are a guide only and no guarantee is given or implied that goods will conform in absolute detail to the descriptions and illustrations. The Seller reserves the right to amend specifications and discontinue supply of any goods without prior notice.

7. GUARANTEE: In addition to all benefits conferred on the Buyer by Statute, the Seller also offers (unless otherwise stated) at the Seller's discretion, to repair or replace faulty goods as follows:
New goods (excluding perishable or consumable items) for 12 months.
Second-hand goods (excluding perishable or consumable items) for 6 months.
Service-exchange spare parts for 3 months.
Labour on repairs for 1 month.
These guarantees are offered provided that:
a) It is established to the reasonable satisfaction of the Seller that some part of the material used in the manufacture was defective, and the goods have been returned to it.
b) The goods have not been subjected to misuse or abuse of any kind.
c) This guarantee does not extend to fair wear & tear.

8. SUITABILITY: Other than when expressly stated, the Seller makes no representations as to the fitness or suitability of any goods for any purpose whatsoever.

a) Non delivery of any consignment within 7 days of the date of the Seller's invoice must be notified to the Seller in writing.
b) Inspection of goods immediately on arrival is advised. Damage or short delivery must be notified to both the Seller and the Carrier in writing within 5 days and Carrier's notes should be endorsed accordingly.
c) Goods may not be returned to the Seller for any reason whatsoever without the Seller's prior agreement in writing.


Service Agreement - Terms & conditions


1. Burtons undertakes to carry out a routine of planned preventative maintenance, adjustment and checking of the equipment listed in the agreement at the intervals stated.

2. Burtons will notify the customer of the day of the visit reasonably in advance of the scheduled visits. The customer must ensure that the equipment is available to the    engineer on the day of the visit. Burtons reserve the right to charge for a frustrated / wasted visit.

3. For routine visits, charges will be according to the current servicing tariff using the preferential rates for contract customers (available on request). Outside the UK rates may differ.

4. Visits to attend breakdowns between routine visits will be charged at a preferential rate. Contract customers will be given priority treatment over non-contract customers whenever possible.

5. Replacement parts as may be considered reasonable by the service engineer, will be fitted and charged for at current prices. Materials or parts supplied by Burtons are subject to its General Conditions of Sale.

6. Labour for work outside the scope of routine servicing, such as repair of accidental damage, may becharged extra at the discretion of Burtons.

7. Burtons shall endeavour to provide to the customer documentation for servicing obligations.However it remains at all times the responsibility of the customer to ensure that such documentation is adequate and that equipment is suitable for the application and complies with the current requirements of Health and Safety legislation.

8. Burtons disclaim all responsibility for the proper functioning and maintenance of equipment if the customer has, without Burtons consent, allowed the equipment to be worked on or repaired, save in the course of proper operation, by anyone other than an authorised Burtons engineer.

9. Burtons reserves the right to examine and approve each piece of equipment for service

10. If for any reason of safety or otherwise a Burtons engineer advises that a piece of equipment should be withdrawn from use and the customer continues to use the equipment it shall be entirely at their own risk.

11. If Burtons fail to carry out the service or are dilatory in doing so, they shall not be liable to the customer for any loss or damage to the equipment or any loss or damage consequent there on that is sustained by the customer.

12. If maloperation or breakdown of the equipment serviced or repaired by Burtons is due to a failure on Burtons part to carry out such work correctly, Burtons will at their discretion rectify at no cost to the customer, or replace the item of equipment concerned again at no cost to the customer. Since the day to day operation of equipment is in the hands of the customer then the question of any failure on Burtons part will be determined solely by Burtons, but upon principles that are fair and equitable.

Except as above Burtons shall not be liable in anyway to the customer for loss, damage or injury arising out of provision or non-provision of service hereunder.

13. Burtons reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions without notice. These terms and conditions shall take precedent over stipulated by the customer by way of official order or otherwise.

14. These terms and conditions, or any agreement, shall be construed in accordance with laws of England and any dispute shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the English Court.


Service & Repair (Non-Agreement)


1. Charges will be according to our current servicing tariff using the non-contract rates (available onrequest).

2. Except as above the same terms and conditions as for contract customers shall apply.




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