Animal Transportation Conversions

Built to last


Maximise Space

Bespoke designs to maximise space

Whether you have an existing vehicle or are purchasing a vehicle from us. We can design our cages to the exact shape required to fill every space available. Removable cages are generally built square and therefore leave a lot of unused space. Our bespoke, customisable cages will be made to the shape of the vehicle being converted and to your specific needs. Maximising every inch of space available.

Putting the safety of your animals at the forefront of everything we do

We understand that animals are curious and can be unpredictable and therefore we design our cages with as many safety features as possible. Including safety locks, barn door cages for access to an animal whilst keeping them safely contained and even minimising the smallest of gaps for those prying paws and noses. Crash-tested flooring can also be supplied, and escape hatches are fitted as standard.

Peaceful journeys for you and your animals

Fed up with noisy journeys? Concerned that the noise inside the vehicle is adding to the stress of traveling for your furry passengers? Our conversions are non-rattle due to the way they are fixed, and the high-quality of materials used. Creating a peaceful environment for you and your passengers.

Insulated Vehicle Linings

When we line your vehicle, we insulate it first to provide temperature and condensation control. The polypropylene wipe-clean panels are placed over the insulation on the walls and ceiling and bonded to anti-slip flooring. Leaving a completely sealed, washable surface throughout.

Anti-bacterial lining

options available

Speedliner is a versatile high-performance polymer spray liner. Producing a smooth or textured finish dependent on the application and providing an anti-bacterial, wipe-clean, durable finish that is ideal for the transportation of patients.

Options & Extras

We really mean it when we say our additional options and extras are never-ending because if it is something you require that we haven’t done before, you can bet we will see what we can do. A few of our most commonly requested extras are: Ventilation via wind-propelled or 12v roof fans | Lighting | Quick release seating | Windows | Security Locks | Airmaster locks | Additional batteries | Parking sensors

As well as more extravagant extras such as entertainment systems, air conditioning, and awnings for nights away, the possibilities are endless.

Animal transportation benefits

Maximise space

Built to your exact requirements

Non-rattle, quiet

12-month warranty on all cages

Insulated vehicle linings

Putting the safety of your animals first

Range of options & extras

All our conversions happen at our dedicated Vehicle Systems site in Marden, with many of our products manufactured on site. Based opposite our Head office, our vehicles are designed in collaboration with experts from both our Medical Equipment and Vehicle Systems companies. Meaning you get a high-quality fit with all the equipment expertise you would expect from Burtons Veterinary Equipment.

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